Did you ever come across the below issues when building your Marketo landing pages?

You struggle to set up complex page designs and layouts on your own with your limited HTML and coding skills


You constantly have to go to HTML experts to get things actioned or ask them for help


You are spending excessive amount of time and resouces on just building one page


You find it very difficult to maintain brand consistency from one page to another and have to go through band approval after each build


You have to build every landing page almost from scratch by using out-of-the-box landing page editor, your content management system or other landing page tools

These are the most common issues most Marketo users are dealing with when building landing pages.
We hear your pain and we are here to help!

Power LP will solve all these problems for you at once, meet your every design need and bring you the most EASY, SMOOTH and SMART landing page editing experience you could ever imagine!

Set Up
Easy and quick set-up

Up to 80% less time required to set up a landing page

No coding knowledge nor HTML skills required for editing

Move, edit and re-order modules through just a few simple clicks

Cost Efficiency

No further labour cost required for HTML build nor brand approval

No lock-in contract Subscription can be cancelled at any time

Per-user subsription
Pay only what you need, minimise cost for your business along the way

Better brand alignment
Better brand alignment

Upfront module set-up
ensures all modules designs strictly follow your brand guidelines to maintain brand consistency across all pages

The module lock-down feature provides your Marketing team with better control of the brand and marketing assets

Why is Power LP the BEST landing page solution for all Marketo users?

Let's take a look at some comparisons
Power LP Marketo Landing Page Editor Content Management System (CMS)
Average Set-up time per page (If created by one person with medium coding proficienty) Less than 1 hour 5+ hours 8+ hours
Module Lock-in
Coding Proficiency Requirement None Intermediate Advanced
Modules Reorder
Colour Picker
Brand Approval Not required Required Required
In-Marketo Edit
Dedicated Customer Support on Landing Page Minimal Minimal to none
Thumbnail Module Preview
Additional/Ongoing HTML Support Not required Often required Frequently required