About the Company

BluprintX is a global MarTech, SalesTech & CX technology consultancy working with multinational clients to deliver consistency at speed, achieve greater velocity with fewer resources and drive predictable growth. This is achieved through an approach which focuses on key business scenarios first - and then uses technology to drive the required outcomes.

Partnering with leading MarTech and SalesTech vendors including Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, and a number of other best-in-class platform providers, BluprintX brings in-depth experience and proprietary software tools to support clients in overcoming today’s common marketing and sales challenges:

Using technology to
drive revenue
Upskilling teams with
new technology
revenue contribution
Aligning strategy
with operations

With scalable solutions that achieve early impact, BluprintX offers integrated, highly specialised services delivered by some of the world's best marketing and technology experts in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a landing page and why is it important?

A landing page is a standalone page designed to prompt the visitor to answer a call to action, such as registering interest or driving traffic to a campaign. Unlike web pages, landing pages are often simplified, with navigation options removed to decrease distraction. With their one-track focus and actionable content, landing pages are super important in reaching your marketing and sales goals.

What makes a good landing page?

Post-click landing pages should be highly focused, with one clickable call to action creating a 1-to-1 conversion ratio. Through our customised templates process, we’ll take you through post-click landing page best practice to ensure you are maximising your conversions.

What makes Power LP different from other Marketo landing page editing products?

Power LP is simply the best - better than ALL the rest. It is the most easy and cost-efficient way to edit your Marketo landing pages.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use Power LP to its full extent (meaning faster, cheaper builds without the need for a HTML resource). Power LP also gives you better brand alignment with our extensive branded module library, as well as giving your marketing team greater control.

Can I really create a nicely designed and complex landing page without any coding background?

Yes, absolutely. All modules are hand-selected by you and rebuilt by BluprintX before we install Power LP in your Marketo instance. Then users can edit with ease within the Marketo instance without having to go on a third party app. Drag and drop, hide, flip and re-order modules with just a simple clicks.

Does Power LP integrate into any other platforms?

Power LP is currently only available for use inside the Marketo instance.

How do you create my module templates, and do I get to keep them if I unsubscribe later?

With Power LP's custom module building process, you can select templates from our wide-range module library, or we can build them from the ground up with your exact specifications. There is a once-off upfront template build cost, after which they are yours to keep.

What customer support do I receive?

Our dedicated Customer Support Team is here to help you with any question or issue you may have, and provide you with valuable troubleshooting information, tips and tricks. You can reach them through the “Contact us” page, or email us directly at CustomerCare@power-lp.com.